Saturday, July 7, 2007


So, why on earth would a 21 year old with a crack degree and the world of six figure work ahead of him choose to work in Los Angeles for $300 a week. Work for an entire summer, in shit conditions, with idiots I have never met before. Why?

I do this because I can and because there is nothing better to do. Am I a Blairite rebel? Another post for another time. Am I escaping the possibility of Camerons England? Again, another post for another time.

You've all been asking these questions. I, personally, am a Stalinist, which means I have no time for any form of democracy. When was the last time a committee got you what you wanted?

The reason I'm doing this is that it gives me an escape from the machine that every one of you fuckers is subjecting yourselves to. You can claim you're independant as much as you want. You can cry aloud about how nobody else sings in your choir. Nah. Noboddy but the 100 odd people who will be singing with you.

I'm not going to the US with anyone else, except the tens of people sorting out my paperwork and the hundreds of coaches who will form my fucking network out there. I'm paying my own way other than for my family who are paying for my kit.

Where do you draw the line?

I'm on about escaping the system, but I'm still very much part of the system...

This post is basically politically correct bullshit. Really, I'd like to be talking about hot blondes, drug, booze, D cups and friendly people who let us stay in their yard in exchange for impregnating their first born.

Here's to hoping, England.

With love, from Statcat, Anglais, Lukey J, Andy G, Tommy Mac, Rob Hubbard, Wardy and Greeny.